Name of the Trading Member of NSE/BSE :


Address & Contact No. of the Main office of the Trading Member :

  • 806, 8th floor, DLH park, near MTNL Exchange, S.V. road Goregaon (West) 400104
  • Tel. No:- 022 – 33645500 – 99

SEBI Registration No. of the trading member / Depository pariciipant :

  • INB 231097834 (NSE Capital Market)
  • INF 231097834 (NSE F & O Market)
  • INE 231097834 (NSE CD Market)
  • INB 011097830 (BSE Capital Market)
  • INF 011185735 (BSE F & O Market)
  • INE 261097834 (MCX – SX Market)
  • CDSL DP ID 12029600

BSE Investor Service Cell Tel. No :

  • 022 22721233/34

Name, Designation & Tel. No. of the contact person in the Main office of the Trading Member :

  • Tel No. :- 022 33645566
  • Mobile: No. :- 9167183718

Important Point To Be Noted By Constituents/Investors:

  • Please deal through only a SEBI Registered Trading Member / SEBI Registered Sub – Broker.
  • Please Sign a Member – Client agreement or Member – Sub Broker – Client agreement (as the case may be) before starting dealing.
  • Insist on a contract note for all dealing, directly from the Trading Member.
  • Make Payment by account payee Cheque / DD and make delivery of securities directiy in the name of Trading Member.
  • For further details on investor Rights and Obligations and other related issues, please refer to the investor Forum Section on the NSE website @ www.nse-india.com or the booklet ‘Guiding Light for Investors’, copy of which is available with the TM / Registered Sub-Broker.


  • Always deal with market intermediaries registered with SEBI / Exchanges.
  • Give clear and unambiguous instructions to your broker /a agent / depository participant.
  • Always insist on contract notes for all the transactions form the PASHUPATI CAPITAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. Within 24 hours of the trade execution. In case of doubt of the transactions, verify the genuineness of the same on the Exchange website www.bseindia.com
  • Always settle the dues through the normal banking channels with the market intermediaries.
  • Always make payment directly to the PASHUPATI CAPITAL SERVICES PVT. LTD
  • Always give delivery of shares directly to the PASHUPATI CAPITAL SERVICES PVT. LTD.
  • Adopt trading / investment strategies commensurate with your risk bearing capacity as all investments carry risk, the degree of which varies according to the investment strategy adopted.
  • Always sign a Member-Client Agreement or the tripartite agreement with the trading member of BSE as the case may be.
  • Please carry out due-diligence before registering as client with any intermediary. Also, carefully read and understand the contents stated in the Risk Disclosure Document, which forms the part of client registration for dealing through intermediaries in the Stock Market.


  • Don’t deal with unregistered brokers / sub-brokers, intermediaries.
  • Don’t leave the custody of your demat transaction slip book in the hands of any intermediary.
  • Don’t fall prey to promises of guaranteed returns

Don’t blindly imitate investment decisions of others who may have profited from their investment deicisions.